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Notes to Self: Thoughts on Healing & Effort

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

Part of a series called "Notes to Self", a collection of my personal iPhone notes.

Photo by Sarah Speaks. Taken in Frankfurt, Germany at a little café next to the Bahnhof.

Note to Self:

You figure out & set the long term intention, and make small steps in alignment, aka directional & vibrational movement whose amalgam over time will lead to a result intentioned long ago - the effort is in the steps, the labor, the effort of course.

But the time it takes—especially for someone with trauma to heal—to truly uncover the right intention for you based on what you—the authentic you—desires (and not the internalized projections of others & even the world for what you should desire) - is absolutely worth it to make sure one does not embark on an unconscious path full of effort that, while never for nothing, leads to a destination that was the product of the suppression of the authentic self and soul’s desire.

Taking that time is absolutely worth it.

And I hope to continue to experience the truth of that even more as I grow, and share my insights & experiences through various creative media as a way to not only teach others but attempt to just possibly be living proof that the human fate does not have to be a cage--for those who resonate with that sentiment in their lives like me--we must remain in for want of approval but one that can be broken open and set free, also capable of being built into a new structure using the proper processes it takes to heal and expand.


Please be aware, these are simply my personal notes and not to be taken as truth or professional advice.

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