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One-hour tarot and oracle card reading. We can use tarot to dive deeper into a situation, who you are, your ancestry, your soul gifts, a health matter, to inquire about a connection, as well as your personal healing and growth journey. We can really look into anything as long as Spirit gives me the okay to read into it. 

Why read with me? I am incredibly detailed, deep, personal and make sure to leave no stone unturned.

option for in-person readings coming soon

shadow | light reading


This is one of the most powerful readings I offer that has the potential to bring major changes and transformation into your life through the power of illumination.


As a scorpio moon conjunct pluto in the 4th house (the house of emotions), the shadow work is deep and, in many ways, a major part of my life's journey and thus a specialty of mine.


I am here to support you in you in shedding layers of the past and learn about your patterns that you wish to better understand or work through, forgiving others and yourself to integrate into a more whole, connected, powerful, confident version of yourself.


Here, we will do a spread to represent your shadow and a spread to represent your light, and allow Spirit to provide solutions and guide you in the right direction.

includes: one-hour to an hour-and-a-half duration; for those in the richmond area, includes a shadow work journal, crystal, and sage to support you on your journey delivered to your door.

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4-reading tarot package


Are you someone who likes to get regular guidance from tarot?


Purchase a package to receive 4 tarot readings that can be redeemed any time, although it is recommended between 1 to 3 months, as this is intended to be a support for a particular time in your life where we can go deeper together, and really provide you spiritual guidance and support. 

option for in-person readings coming soon

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