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We are all born into this world with a set of unique soul gifts and soul purpose. Perhaps our greatest gift to humanity is in remembering exactly what they are, who we are, and the light where we came from. 

What if we are so much more than who we have been told we are?

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soul mediumship

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intuitive coaching

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spiritually healing the mother wound & sister wound - betrayal, lost protection and nurturance 

parties and workshops

parties & workshops

Astrology, tarot, palmistry, tantra, candle-making, painting, erotic embodiment, pole dancing, lunar circles, sacred self-care and more! Tap into your inner goddess, witch, and siren. Women are most powerful when we combine our energy - it is like taking a magnifying glass to our inner magic, spiritual gifts, and healing – effecting quantum changes on a cellular level (aka why they burned the witches...). 


I am an intuitive psychic medium, self-taught astrologer of over a decade and have been practicing natal chart analysis and tarot for four years professionally. I am currently based in Richmond, VA. My passion is helping people connect the dots between their intuition and the direction their soul is trying to guide them in. Like a compass, a map, or a telescope – astrology and tarot are like tools to navigating the unknown waters of our soul purpose, karmic lessons, DNA codes we can unlock, and evolution in this life. I teach embodied astrology, evolutionary astrology, and astrology as a psycholinguistic tool. What makes me special as a reader is that I am deep and able to hold complexity and depth. You can never be "too much" with me. Further, I do not aim to just tell you answers, but help you develop self-trust in the own inner compass of your soul.


I am also a writer, poet, singer/songwriter, artist, dancer, hospice healing arts volunteer, and law grad currently training in tantric embodiment and pursuing my certification as an art therapy practitioner and end-of-life doula. I will be writing on astrology and spiritual topics, as well as healing from childhood trauma and coping with complex ptsd in adulthood and relationships. It is my hope to create a space of free expression that can be messy, chaotically honest, and deeply emotional. One that is full of words and rich with soul. I like to find a silver lining in everything - this is what spirituality has meant to me and continues to mean to me as I grow. I enjoy analysis across disciplines of law, religion, psychology, mythology, astrology, physics, philosophy, and neuroscience as they relate to larger themes which can maybe help us begin to synthesize spiritual meaning and silver linings in our world, lives, and the wild little universes contained in all of our minds.

This is a trauma-informed, inclusive space. There is no spiritual bypassing or shaming here. We honor the dark and light parts of our stories, and cultivate an appreciation for life while understanding not everyone has had it easy or been on an equal playing field in this world. It is okay to be angry, confused, frightened, and grieving things that were not fair while choosing to move forward and embrace our spiritual journey. All are welcome in this space. My services are not intended to replace therapy with a licensed mental heath professional and are most effective when combined with mental health counseling.

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